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Architectural Projects

Our team each have more than 10 years experience with upper management having in excess of 30 years direct exhibition experience.

Over the many years of producing successful exhibition stands, We have noted that a large proportion of any budget is used by the exhibition contractor as a mark-up on bought in services. This is especially prevalent within the design agency arena.

We have moved away from this business model, thus gaining considerably more real world spend for each client.

How is this managed?
We design and project manage the entire exhibition stand, charging a fixed fee for design, project management and on-site management. The exhibitor will pay one supplier directly, removing the mark-up. (If the exhibitor would rather have we pay the contractor then there would be a 25% handling fee)

The exhibitor has exactly the same exemplary experience but receives a few more invoices instead of just one. we suggest that all on-site services are handled this way as they account for a large proportion of any budget and adding a mark-up has no added value.

Every partner benefits:

  • Exhibitor gains by an increase in available budget without additional spend
  • We gain by removing unnecessary business cashflow
  • Sub-contractor gains by being paid promptly and securely by the exhibitor