“Two t-shirts, thick sweatshirt and a coat. Check. Hat? Check. And my gloves. My gloves. Where did I last have them? Coat? Back pocket of my jeans? Or… they’re here. Right. Gloves? Check.”

Dave was mumbling to himself as he ran through the items he’d pushed into his rucksack last night. With it still dark outside, every part of Dave wanted to be under his duvet, dreaming of a new diet he meant to try at some unspecified point in the future. Instead the Neos construction director was meeting Mark, his project manager at the Neos offices at six in the morning.

Why? This was Neos’ first construction day of the year, meaning that the company which makes a replica oakleys living doing exhibitions faced the task of installing its first stand of the new year. With the show due to open in two days, the team of two had an unpleasantly early start if they were going to maximise the time left to them.

The stand they were setting up marked a new direction for Neos. This would be the first they’d ever done for a cosmetics company, which for people who made their living predominantly doing exhibition stands for the oil industry felt like a radical departure. Not that that bothered Mark. He was staring out of the train window while he talked with unprecedented enthusiasm and About focus about an obscure cheap authentic jerseys eighties band and their chart performance.

“Mark,” Dave said, testing out a hypothesis in his head, “what did you do yesterday?” Mark broke off his discussion about the charts, thought for a moment and then looked blank. “I can’t remember.” “Thought not,” said Dave, who sighed deeply and thought about the long, cool and potent drink he was going to have when today was over.

At the exhibition centre, whatever personal foibles Dave and Mark had, there was no faulting them when it oakley outlet came to assembling the stand. Which doesn’t mean that there was no essentially good-natured arguing as Neos’ answer to the Chuckle Brothers set about their task with gusto.

“Not that way!” ”It’s you who has the wrong end.” “Oh, that’s Cheap jerseys right, blame me because you’re trying to force the spigot when you have to twist it.” “I’d have the right end if you hadn’t decided to try and assemble the whole stand facing backwards.” “Do you think this skin cream works?” “Try putting it on your arse and seeing if it gets younger.” “I’ll put some on your tongue in the hope that it oakley outlet shrinks.” And so the morning goes past.

Anyone who heard the bickering and didn’t understand the Neos way of working would have been surprised by what happened next. Which was that the clients were impressed by the quality of their stand and that the show was a success. They even found time to praise the attitude of the Neos staff as ‘exemplary’ which Dave ray ban sunglasses and Mark each insisted applied to them and not the other. The news is quickly seized on by everyone in the office who wants to claim it as their fake oakleys idea.

“An exhibition stand is an Dental exhibition stand, regardless of what industry the clients work in,” Ian the managing director announced to the business development team “Actually, cheap oakleys sunglasses I didn’t realise I was so in touch with my feminine side” said Tom, who designed it. “I thought I’d spent too many years designing B2B stands, but I’ve still got it. And this is the proof.”

“How nice,” said co-owner Ian Hamilton, the team’s former RAF missile expert, with a physical age of 50 and a mental age of around five or thirteen depending NBA Jerseys Cheap on his mood. “Now if we forget your fascinating bickering for five minutes, I have some important news. Another organiser wants to meet me with a view to naming us as their supplier and, based on my success with so many other organisers in 2015,” and at this he looked at Mark and Dave, “my hopes are justifiably running high.”

“Does that mean more drinks trolley action?” asked Alfonso, Neos’ pet Italian, appropriately sporting a vast mane of hair and a truly terrible white blazer that conforms to all the Cheap nfl jerseys worst national stereotypes. “We’ll win the business first and then celebrate,” Ian answers. “We need to be utterly reliable, service orientated and, of course, as inexpensive as possible. As we also need to know that we’ll be blamed if anything goes wrong, so we have to make sure that we’re unbelievably good.”

Alfonso went to say something but was silenced be Ian. “Discussing work is always a good thing, but if you’re about to mention yet another DIY project, life in Woking or a doomed romance, the time has come for me to go. I shall return this afternoon with, I hope, good news, after which I’ll tear the sleeves from that blazer and throw it in the Thames. It’ll be the worst pollution it’s had in years.”

Will he win even more new business? Will he convince another organiser that there is no alternative to experience and the right attitude? Is Alfono’s blazer safe? There’s only one way to find out.

See you next Tuesday…

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