Take off your blinkers and enjoy the view.

Take off your blinkers and enjoy the view

Do I need to gain experience in your industry or shall I be an expert in my own?

I have heard on countless occasions “do you have experience in the ??? industry” or “if you don’t have experience in the ??? industry then you cannot tender”.

To clarify, I have 30 years’ experience in the exhibition industry providing exhibition expertise to many sectors. My skill set is purely based around exhibitions and not around our clients’ industries that I build exhibition stands for.

Potential clients often ask us when we start communications, “Do you work in our industry?” I don’t know about you, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I do not need to know the metallurgical details of the latest undercarriage alloy in order to create a hugely successful and effective exhibit at an air show? Please correct me if I am wrong?

Alternatively, the same potential client cannot be expected to know about traffic flow, pre-event marketing campaigns and ROI assessment when their skill set is based around aeronautics.

If we all focus on our own skills areas and use them to the very best of our ability it will create the best and most cost effective results. Everybody will then have a clear role enabling them to do their best work! Not having direct client industry experience should never be a deal breaker.

There are a range of very specific areas where I do have experience and these areas may very well align with the client industry in which I am operating. One example of this is location. If a client’s industry exhibition programme travels across the globe then the exhibition agency should have experience in the countries to be visited. I have been lucky enough to have operated all over the world, from the very best places to work like the Far East through to the really awkward places like the USA!!! (I can hear your shouts of anger from here, contact me for my reasoning!) My experience is a clear advantage if an exhibition programme is international and my experience is essential.

The best thing about operating in an unfamiliar industry is that you don’t automatically play by the rules. This brings creativity and fresh thinking to the mix, something that I would hope our prospective clients are striving for. I am not one to mention Steve Jobs (unlike so many other bloggers) but let’s face it, he bucked every existing industry rule in the book and invariably created something better than what was there before.

In conclusion, push back as soon as you hear “no client industry experience”, stress your ability for new ideas and fresh solutions, in other words, stick it to the man!

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