10 Years at NeosCreative and wow, what an adventure!

10 Years at NeosCreative and wow, what an adventure!

The video is a long one, but if you make it through, it is 10 years of my life; work, play, and all the other bits that life throws at you.

I don't usually add more 'personal' bits here, but this 10 years of work has allowed me to pursue so many life goals, several bucket-list items and always strive for the things that matter most. As the lyrics say "If there's something you wanna do, just do it. Don't let your head stop your heart from moving", and I would hope if you asked any of my 
NeosCreative, International Exhibition Specialists family, they would attest to this being what I stand by.

If you don't make it through the 3 minutes, let's just say it documents a lot of work, 4 different offices, 6 different homes, several UK body building trophies, 1 x international power lifting competition, 1 x Guinness World Record, 2 x National TV show appearances, a whole lot of work, 15+ countries, too many flights to mention, a whole lot of work, oh and a tremendous amount of additions to the 'life story'.

Thank you clients, friends, colleagues, family and my NEOS gang for supporting a 10 years I can be proud of!!!

...P.S I'm not too upset with the ageing process either
. Enjoy
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