A very happy new client!

A very happy new client!

Jody first met Selvita at SFN, San Diego in November 2022. They were on the other side of the exhibition aisle and were impressed by the stand that NeosCreative had designed and built for Datwyler at that show.

NeosCreative worked with Selvita over the next couple of months to create an entirely new concept for the BIO 23, Boston exhibition. A wonderful aspect of Selvita is that they embrace creativity and colour, pretty rare for a pharma company!


As NeosCreative have constantly operated in the US for over 20 years, we know the many issues - good and bad - of building a stand in The States. One key issue is that, post pandemic, prices have sky rocketed. Quite amazingly, NeosCreative were half the price of a local Boston based exhibition company! This was achieved by careful use of materials and efficient design that meant our entire stand was sent in one shipping crate. Also furniture, TV, carpet and floral was all sourced locally, away from very expensive official show contractors.

The original goal was for a single stand, conversations have started regarding further stands this year and into next, fantastic!

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