Embracing Change: The Secret to Thriving in the Exhibition Industry

Embracing Change: The Secret to Thriving in the Exhibition Industry

Hold on tight, my dear reader! This isn't your typical self-help blog pushing you to embrace change and become a better version of yourself. No, this is all about the exciting realm of new business development within the exhibition industry. Trust me, it's more intriguing than it sounds!

Throughout my extensive career, I've taken great pride in retaining my clients. Surprisingly, it's not as difficult as some of our competitors might think. It all comes down to swift and effective communication, delivering exceptional results with my team, charging a fair and reasonable price (not too high, not too low), and always taking immense pride in our work. Piece of cake, really!

Of course, I must acknowledge that many of our competitors do a commendable job as well.

Now, let's tackle the ever-present challenge of new business development. Naturally, I don't want our existing clients to jump ship, but I certainly wouldn't mind if our competitors' clients decided to make a change, allowing NeosCreative to continue its upward trajectory. Someone has to suffer for growth to happen, right?

On occasion, that suffering can lead to internal agency improvements, making change a surprisingly positive force. We've experienced this firsthand. A few years ago, a daunting situation forced NeosCreative to undergo a complete transformation. As it turned out, that change propelled us towards even greater success. Don't get me wrong; I would have preferred the success without the sleepless nights and the arduous change management process. But hey, sometimes you have to take the good with the challenging.

Now, let's get to the heart of this blog. I wholeheartedly urge exhibitors to dip their toes into the waters of change and explore what's out there. However, there's a crucial caveat to keep in mind. Regardless of which agency you work with, I implore all exhibitors to thoroughly assess the competition. This isn't about being pestered by a pushy salesperson and saying yes just to get them off your back. This is about conducting a genuine evaluation, considering factors such as:

  • Creative alignment with your brand
  • Creative alignment with your industry
  • Proof of success
  • Knowledge of different countries (especially if exhibiting internationally)
  • Budgeting approach
  • In-house services
  • References

Remember these pearls of wisdom as you navigate the landscape:

  • Making a decision based solely on price (whether it's low or high) will ultimately lead to your own suffering.
  • When checking references, prepare thoughtful questions and genuinely delve into their experiences.
  • Beware: flashy designs don't always equate to successful stands. The brief should dictate the final product, not the design agency's personal aesthetic preferences.
  • Constructing a stand is the easy part; it's everything else that poses the real challenge.

If, like NeosCreative, you're doing a stellar job, competition should be nothing to fear. On the other hand, if you sense that you're receiving less-than-stellar service, don't hesitate to explore other options. You might just be pleasantly surprised by the benefits that change can bring!

(Disclaimer: If you happen to be a client of NeosCreative, feel free to ignore this playful banter!)

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