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The devastation that COVID19 has caused within the exhibition industry in 2020 has been immeasurable and unforeseeable. It was of course, the first industry to be affected and (as we are currently discovering), will be the last to return to normal.

Yes, videoconferencing and working from home is now commonplace but it is human nature to want to interact and come together. And as we will soon be looking at gathering once again, we will ensure our clients and their customers that we will be creating networking possibilities that create business opportunity whilst adhering to government regulations and are of course, without exception – safe.

Firstly, NeosCreative are aware that we must consider all of our possible client profiles, and their customers too – in the aftermath of COVID-19 we have listed these as the following:

Someone who is quite happy to return to normality, as long as there are COVID19 considerations in place; screens, sanitizer, social distancing, etc. Visiting COVID19 aware exhibitions are fine and this person is willing to travel and engage with his or her peers. Will be working from an office and from home.

A similar person to the above yet feels a little uncomfortable visiting a busy exhibition, regardless of COVID19 measures in place. However, would be happy to visit small private, easily controlled events taking place at hotels or at clients/customer premises. Will be working from an office and from home.

Is not wanting to put themselves into any form of public environment that they cannot directly control. They are happy to work from the existing office – as long as their employer has robust COVID19 measures in place – and will work from home as well. The office is deemed a safe environment.

Will not leave their own house! 100% working from home, no intention of going back to an office environment. Not a chance of visiting an exhibition, regardless of controls and location – just too risky.

In all instances of direct human networking, we will be implementing:

    • Multiple hand-sanitizers stationed around the stand
    • Clear safety screens where applicable so that safe communications can take place
    • Free issue masks and gloves
    • Clear floor markings that show current government guidelines for social distance spacing – updated as regulations change
    • Regular and enhanced cleaning schedule for all surfaces that get touched, including, substrates with inherent antibacterial protection which are 99.9% effective against bacteria.

The above works well for the visitor and exhibitor, simple and easy to follow and action.

The remaining audience profiles, require us to look a little more innovatively at location

The second profile is not too far removed from the first, we just need to operate in a different environment, either a hotel or maybe the client’s premises or the exhibitors premises.

    • The plan here is to ensure that any design and production method used to cater for an exhibition stand can be subsequently utilised at a private event. Making sure it remains easy to transport and quick to install/dismantle.
    • The graphics will be a common size and so can be re-used as regularly as possible without the expense of making new ones.
    • If the visitor will not visit an exhibition then NeosCreative are determined to take the exhibition to the visitor.

The third profile is similar to the second but only building stands at the visitors place of work and not any form of public venue or a suppliers office.

    • This version could be set up in the foyer of a visitors place of work.
    • This stand could be un- manned and the visitors take themselves through a journey of discovery, via graphics and technology.
    • This stand could have a screen which links back to the exhibitor’s office to enable easy interactions and presentations

Lastly, the fourth profile, the tru stay at home person.

    • NeosCreative will use a specialist camera to film the exhibition stand in a 3D manner, creating a virtual walkthrough that can be visited at the convenience of the “stay at home” visitor.
    • The exhibitor can use this content to promote their exhibition experience pre, at and post show.
    • This content can be used for many months so not just a 2-3day exposure at an exhibition.
    • Instant web-conferencing can be included too. A “virtual” exhibition
    • Potential for this content could be provided to the exhibition organiser so that it’s included in any formal virtual event.
    • Lastly, and most importantly, this does not need to be an expensive process. Starting at a few hundred pounds only.

Neoscreative have a rather well-considered and robust plan for the COVID19 exhibition world. All with a clear focus on the following key points;

    • Creating a single exhibition stand approach that caters for the different profiles that now exist
    • Not financially penalising the exhibitor, yet extending their reach and exhibiting impact
    • Not reducing the experience for any type of visitor, in most cases enhancing.A mix and match approach. If you don’t want to ‘physically’ exhibit then NeosCreative can create a ‘virtual’ presence for you instead. Or maybe skip the exhibition and head directly to your client’s premises. We do not mind and will work however makes you feel comfortable.

Consideration must be given to all of the options NeosCreative can provide, but you as an exhibitor should have a further consideration; the actual cost of exhibiting! With less of a guarantee that any exhibition will be busy – every exhibitor should be striving to reduce their financial risk by lowering their exhibition budget. NeosCreative have designed and produced some creative stands that still generate fantastic impact yet are dramatically cheaper than before COVID19. NeosCreative have gone so far as to offer these solutions as a self-installed kit – not a pop-up! – but a full easy to install stand. We are 100% sure that exhibitions will continue but will take a few years to get back to full strength, in the meantime, we wish to support the industry and exhibitors by providing the right solutions and not just the same as before.

There is no same as before!