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Environmental Awareness


NeosCreative operate a rental system of aluminium structural elements. Not only do these elements get re-used, they are also lighter and so less costly to transport. All elements remain hidden in the final construction by graphics. NeosCreative creativity is not hampered by re-using a system as all fixings are 3D printed in-house. This has the positive outcome of not using timber and the 3D printing material is made from recycled plastic bottles.


NeosCreative operate as locally as possible to minimise transportation costs and the environmental impact. If a project takes place outside of the NeosCreative self-driving zone then local contractors, to the venue, are used to fulfil construction requirements. This may apply from Scotland through to Japan (a recent 2020 example). NeosCreative are always striving to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation requirements.


NeosCreative prefer to use reusable carpet tiles instead of single use carpet. This is considerably more environmentally friendly and more cost effective for the exhibitor. However, many exhibitors do not like using them and so NeosCreative offer a range of carpet options from normal exhibition grade carpet through to very environmentally friendly floor coverings.


All lighting is highly efficient LED.


Environmentally friendly inks for graphic production are specified as much as possible. They are typically Polyester fabrics printed with Rhotex water-based inks which are kind to the environment, 100% recyclable, and disposable. They are also completely odour free and produce no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).


Being environmentally aware may occur higher costs. These are laid out within the detailed quotation so that the exhibitor can make the decision on which elements to approve.