Budgets – Never Trust a Single Number

Budgets – Never Trust a Single Number

Reality versus Expectations

Money is always a contentious issue. In this blog I shall include some useful tips whether you are new Cheap Jerseys to Michigan the industry or a seasoned marketing professional. For me the key issue is the huge gap between the available budget and the client’s expectations of their final exhibit. I have identified a number of cost centres that create an exhibit and have added a loose guide range for the essential costs.

canada goose down mystique black parka https://www.goedkopeparka.nl Canada Goose mens outlet authentic The following strategy is focused on the exhibit itself and does not include exhibitor travel, stand space, graphic and AV content creation cheap oakley sunglasses or any offsite parties/entertainments. This approach is for projects that use design agencies/exhibition contractors, not the DIY stands and shell schemes.

Essential and Non-Essential

There are two distinct budget areas: essential and non-essential.

Let us think about the essential ones first. If you exhibit, no matter what the size of stand is lord and taylor canada goose coats for women http://www.watercycles.ca/goose-jackets.php Canada Goose jackets outlet official, the following costs will provide a guideline.

  • Floor covering – £10 – 50 per m2
  • Electrical connection – £15 – 30 per m2
  • Road freight guide £75 – 150 per m2
  • Installation and dismantling – £150 cheap nfl jerseys –350 per m2
  • On-site handling – £40 – 80 per m2
  • These essential items typically use around 50% of any exhibit Wholesale Jerseys budget.

    The non-essential costs that can be managed (does not necessarily mean avoided) are as follows:

  • Construction
  • Graphic production
  • Audio visual hire
  • Furniture
  • Internet connection (watch out for multiple IP addresses charges)
  • Rigging (hanging signs, lighting truss, official contractor fees, etc)
  • Project management fees (often ignored but should be considered)
  • Design fees (often ignored but should be considered)
  • Hospitality
  • Travel expenses for installation/project replica oakleys management team
  • It would be useful to add some ballpark numbers next to each managed line item, however all budgets are completely dependent on the final design and how/where the exhibit is built. If you use the above as a checklist when creating your budget it will help you break down your costs. Your designer/contractor can then see how you have come up with your overall budget and will be able to advise accordingly. Going to any designer/contractor with a well-considered and realistic budget will gain great dividends as both parties will be clear from the start.

    Expectation management is key!

    The million dollar question!

    I am sure that you, the exhibitor, would love to have a square metre price for budgeting purposes. Now, that is a really tricky proposition. However just because it is tricky does not turn me away from it and so here goes.

    I suggest, purely for budgeting purposes, that a range of £500 – £1500 per square metre should be used – the majority of our projects fall within this range, regardless of location and size.

    Exhibiting is expensive

    Always insist on itemised quotations, at least then you will see how the large final cost is generated and you can compare the breakdown to your own.

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