Not another request for an airport business lounge design!

Not another request for an airport business lounge design!

Over the last 3 – 4 years, many design briefs we have received include the same, simple descriptive text “airline business lounge”. Whilst I understand why the design of a business lounge seems like a good place to start when writing a creative brief, it serves a completely different purpose to an exhibition stand.

Let’s consider the facts

Airline business lounge

– A calm place to wait for a flight

– Relax before flying

– A nice drink and a snack

– A place to be away from crowds

– Enjoy one’s own company

Exhibition stand
– A hectic environment for networking

– A non-stop full on day of hard work

– Too many drinks and a hangover

– Only successful if crowded

– Constantly talk with strangers

As you can see, they are not similar! So why would we try to recreate the ambience of an airline business class lounge?

This could be down to a number of reasons;

It’s a simple and easy way to write a brief
Inexperienced brief writer is struggling to convey their wishes/goals
A boss has said that they want one!
The above are understandable but certainly not the right/best way to achieve your goals.

It is remarkable easy to write a design brief to convey what you would like to achieve. That’s all we ask as our role is to be creative and to exceed your expectations wherever possible. There shouldn’t be a need to be too descriptive about the physical attributes. An experienced design team will create solutions that work. If your main goal is to hold many high powered pre-booked private meetings within an extremely sound proof and comfortable environment then some decent rooms may be required. The problem here is that many exhibitors don’t have any clearly defined goals and they stumble on the first point/ generalised description and resort to relating/outlining an environment they have seen.

An airline business lounge is designed to meet the clear goals of the airline and does it very well. I bet the airline didn’t Sitemap say “I would like a central bar with stools around it and 4 semi-enclosed meeting areas along with 30 single lounge chairs.” I accept that I am being simplistic here and there are many aspects to a great brief. The key is that if you communicate your objectives clearly then talented designers can create outstanding designs for you.

Over the next couple of months I will be releasing a briefing instruction document that should help alleviate the above issues. It will be simple and a good way to assist client communications and help to improve stand design throughout our industry – regardless of whether or not you work with NeosCreative.

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