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A very obscure brief started this project!

"We really don't want to talk to anyone, can we have automated AI stand staff?" 

Just to add context, the primary goal of the stand was for pre-arranged meetings and so unexpected visitors were not the priority.

NeosCreative, working closely with a film production associate, created a clean and simple stand design, incorporating large LED videowalls and two fully featured meeting rooms.

The key deliverable was a range of motion triggered virtual stand staff who would meet visitors and direct them to alternative sections of the stand to find out more, from further virtual staff.

NeosCreative filmed actors and then triggered various random interactions when a visitor became in range of the screen. The screens were large enough so that the actors were lit sized, if not larger, creating interest and impact for the duration of the exhibition.

The stand was subsequently dismantled and sent to the USA for a second exhibition that year.

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