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Stryde Sales Success Trophy

Stryde Sales Success Trophy

Stryde, a regular NeosCreative client, had a problem! Stryde wanted to present a gold plated node (their product) to a client who had just placed a substantial order, however, they only had two weeks to make this happen.

A call with NeosCreative got the project started.


1) How to gold plate plastic within 5 days and a very small item

2) Creating a custom made base and packaging 

NeosCreative did extensive research and found a specialist company that would gold plate a single item on a very quick turnaround - first issue dealt with!

The design studio created multiple prototypes to ensure fit and finish, all 3D printed in-house. Once agreed, the final base was 3D printed by an external printing company, incorporating raised logos and details throughout.

The end trophy was so successful that two more were commissioned a few weeks later.

Let NeosCreative know your problem projects, there is a very strong chance that NeosCreative can help!

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