Something is Right

“Right,” said Harvey, the man whose job it is to make sure that the Neos exhibition stands get to wherever in the world they need to be and who, last week had successfully delivered the whole staff of Neos ten metres into the car park as the result of a fire alarm caused by him cooking chops. “We’re now adopting a no chops policy or a no cooking policy? I need to know because I’ve got some of the ingredients here for a rather tasty dish and I wouldn’t mind…” he tailed off, aware that the office were looking at him.

“Or maybe not,” he added, stowing the supermarket carrier bag under his desk and sitting back down again. “We’re adopting a ‘no Harvey in the kitchen’ policy,” Jody replied from behind a mountain of paperwork and starting to feel the pressure of pending deadlines. “Last week we were outside for longer than anyone really needs to be, all because you’d attempted to have a cooked lunch, which meant that me and Dean,” she gestured to a man who looked a lot like he also had some pressing deadlines, “had to take time away from our desks designing stands for you to send off. And now we’re trying to make Ian Chinnock’s touchscreen idea a reality.”

Project Interaction is an idea to start introducing touchscreen software onto stands alongside skilled staff – not replacing them! – to help tell the story of a company or something it was working on. “And at the same time,” Jody added, while Harvey tried to keep his head down, “we’re working on about 90 stands for a show called Flood & Coast 2017,” and at this she picked up a leaflet, “which is all about risk, resilience and response in a changing climate, oddly relevant to what happens when you walk into the kitchen with a bright idea. You see, you’re a risk, we’re resilient and our response to the changing climate of a burning office is that you don’t cook.”

Harvey wisely chose to remain quiet as he knew that Jody and Dean had already been designing stands for a Swiss-based company that had given Neos a contract for 12 shows this year, the first of which has already taken place in Paris, and as Jody is a bodybuilder known for a terrifying level of determination, it is best not to provoke her. Ian Chinnock, who had heard the conversation and who is always looking to introduce his pet projects, decided that this was the moment for a lecture.

“And it’s all a golden opportunity,” he said, “to start really rolling out our idea to help the people we work with measure stand effectiveness.” Matt, who had helped Harvey eat his chops and egged him on, yawned expansively and asked “Please tell us what that means, Mr Chinnock,” in a decidedly sarcastic tone of voice, but needn’t have bothered. “By using certain, secret performance metrics,” Mr Chinnock carried on, unheeding, “we can help the people we work with to see whether their stands are effective and what actions their visitors are inspired to take after looking at them. And if they don’t like the results, we can work with them to make sure that they improve and that they get the visitors they want who are suitably impressed.”

He paused for breath as the rest of the office fumbled with its headphones and disappeared into its music for half an hour. “As none of our competitors are offering anything like as comprehensive a service, which is evolving all the time, it means that Neos are in a unique position to capture some business from innovative companies, and…” he looked at the office, and realised that nobody was listening before sighing deeply. “So much talent, so much industry,” he said sadly, “and so much indifference to strategy.” Then a thought crossed his mind.

“Does anyone fancy taking a walk down to The Albion at lunchtime?” he asked. “The first round is on me as you’re all working so hard.” As if by some unseen signal, the entire office chorused ‘YES’ in response and Ian Chinnock sighed deeply. He might be working with the most talented team of stand designers, logisticians and creatives in London, but they were also the most devious and the most cunning. “Better go to the cashpoint,” he mumbled.

Will 90 concurrent stands finally break the team? Will there be a client who is keen to participate in Neos’ unique performance initiative? And more importantly, will Harvey ever be allowed back in the kitchen under any pretext? There’s only one way to find out…

See you next Tuesday…




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