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Special Projects

NeosCreative often get asked to look after design and production projects that are not exhibition stands. Often these projects require partnerships with a diverse selection of sub-contractors. The initial concepts are created by the NeosCreative design team and then the correct and most efficient sub-contractor team are assembled. As these projects fall outside of the usual day to day business, they are operated under our Special Projects division.

The projects have ranged from very simple 3D modelling and animation, through to creating and managing the largest private events in BP’s history. If a project starts with creative input then the team at NeosCreative will embrace any challenge, no matter how strange or obscure.

Projects have included:

  • Designing and programming interactive media – with worldwide implementation
  • Designing and programming various phone and tablet apps
  • Model and prop creation
  • Video storyboarding, production and editing
  • Design and production of building interiors; visitor centres, receptions, corridor decoration
  • Roadshows and mobile exhibition installations
  • Design and production museum interiors

All Special Projects are priced on a project by project basis, and handled in the same transparent manner as all other NeosCreative jobs.