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In-Site Magazine is a new, informative digital magazine that will help you with all of your exhibiting needs. Issue 1 will teach you all about how colour can affect and change how everybody views your stand. More often, than not, companies using shell scheme spaces, wish to make them appear larger and more spacious than they actually are and colour may hold the key to achieving just that. 

NeosCreative maintain a very simple company-wide ethos; Produce creative and well executed exhibitions and events for our clients, ensuring that we remain cost-effective at all times without impacting quality. Every aspect must be constantly considered with “how can this be better?”, “how can this be more cost-effective?” and “how can we improve our clients exhibiting success?”

NeosCreative was formed in September 2000 by five founding shareholders. The clear and concise goal from the very start was to provide the correct solution to our clients and never the “in-house”, “easiest” or “most obvious” approach. This mantra enabled NeosCreative to remain a lean company with minimal overheads, partnering with providers all over the world so that we could service our clients and exceed expectations. The essence has never changed however NeosCreative has been through

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