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Values & Ethos

NeosCreative maintain a very simple company-wide ethos;

Produce creative and well executed exhibitions and events for our clients, ensuring that we remain cost-effective at all times without impacting quality. Every aspect must be constantly considered with “how can this be better?”, “how can this be more cost-effective?” and “how can we improve our clients exhibiting success?”

Over the years, exhibitions have always been constructed in the same way. Typically, from timber, painted or laminated and then used once – or sometimes a few times – and thrown away. Yes, this is usually cost effective. Yes, it allows creative freedom. No, it is not efficient and no, it is not environment-friendly. To ensure that NeosCreative plays it’s part in moving the industry towards sustainable construction, NeosCreative has a robust sustainability policy, a core value.

Aluminium system stands – like a giant Lego set – have been around for years but they have often stifled creativity. NeosCreative   has avoided this stifling by utilising the aluminium system to create the basic structure and then incorporating custom elements to add back in creativity, often using 3D printers to create the connectors between the two methods. Aluminium is a perfect alternative to timber construction as it’s infinitely recyclable, lightweight and very easy to engineer.

End result – our clients have creative designs, considerably lower costs, reduced transportation and reduced – or eliminated – landfill after a show. Everyone is a winner.

The next mission is to reduce or eliminate the extremely high onsite electrical costs. NeosCreative is currently exploring battery packs that can run an entire stand, be re-charged overnight and remove the need for on-site electrical connection.

Thanks to companies such as Tesla, this solution is now very achievable and cost effective.

NeosCreative would like to take this one step further and re-charge the battery packs from solar panels installed on the roof of our assembly facility. The use of solar charging enables us to remove the national grid from powering our stands, actually, we will be able to provide power back into the national grid!

NeosCreative will even offer this approach to competitors to hire as it’s a benefit to all parties, except the onsite electrical contractor!

After electrical costs, NeosCreative is exploring flooring as this is one area that currently maintains a high cost for floor covering along with a high cost of landfill or recycling. Re-usable surfaces will be offered to all clients.

NeosCreative is also exploring how a self-installed exhibition system could be used. This will dramatically reduce costs for the exhibitor yet any solution should not reduce the creativity or impact on the exhibition floor. It’s tricky but not impossible! This approach may seem counter-intuitive from a business perspective yet one of our the core values of NeosCreative is to always support  and improve the exhibition industry, that benefits everyone involved.

Of course, the COVID19 situation means that NeosCreative are adapting to a new, and as yet unknown, exhibition and event industry.

As adaptation, change and improvement are part of the NeosCreative ethos then this is not seen as a chore, yet a rather exciting challenge….watch this space!