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Who We Are

NeosCreative was formed in September 2000 by five founding shareholders.

The clear and concise goal from the very start was to provide the correct solution to our clients and never the “in-house”, “easiest” or “most obvious” approach. This mantra enabled NeosCreative to remain a lean company with minimal overheads, partnering with providers all over the world so that we could service our clients and exceed expectations.

The essence has never changed however NeosCreative has been through many stages of evolution over its 20 year history.

Timelines can be inherently dull and so let’s keep this short and sweet.

      2000 – 2004

NeosCreative was formed and started creating exhibition stands all over the world, with a focus on the Oil & Gas industry.

Largest stand built was over 600m2 for Herman Miller, a leading furniture design and manufacturing company. The stand featured various product zones, meeting areas and even a fully operational restaurant to one end. The design had to represent the design prowess and history of Herman Miller yet not overshadow their iconic furniture ranges. Detail was everything and this even extended into the NeosCreative team re-plating all food platters within the restaurant so that everything was perfect.

      2005 – 2007

Within this period, NeosCreative were commissioned by BP to create the three key First Oil events in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. These were multi-disciplinary events including; ceremonial events, dinners with entertainment, stadium concert, museum design and fit-out, all ending with unveiling an oil tanker from a cliff edge in Turkey!

This series of events were the largest events in BPs history and even the second largest in Turkey’s history. 37 x 12metre road trailers required to transport all structure from all over Europe to a remote destination in Turkey.

The final event in Turkey was a temporary structure built to seat 1500 VIP’s in a temperature controlled environment, a 30 metre wide cinema screen that fell from the ceiling to reveal an oil tanker.

Bizarrely, at the end of this event we had to air freight 50% of the structure to Japan to meet a Madonna Tour as the structure was needed for her stage set!

      2008 – 2016

Great, the worldwide financial crash takes place, not a good business period but NeosCreative survived and flourished, culminating in 2012 with the purchase and moving of the company into The Sidings, a brand new, environmentally friendly 3000sq ft office. The NeosCreative team had grown to 22 and the company was doing very well indeed.

Come the tail end of 2014 and the oil price crashes and 75% of the NeosCreative business disappears over a six month period. A harsh lesson was learnt, diversify ones client base!

The NeosCreative team adapted to provide creative solutions at a lower cost point yet without compromising quality, a tough ask yet successfully achieved.

      2017 – present day

NeosCreative has changed and adapted to take into account how the exhibition industry has changed. Creativity remains the driving force of the NeosCreative DNA whilst always keeping functionality and effectiveness at the forefront of our collective minds.

Industry spread now includes; pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, defence, education, engineering and retail.

Control is key and so NeosCreative have created an assembly facility so that every aspect of a stand remains under the direct control of the NeosCreative team. This is a little different to 2000 but 100% necessary.

Talk with any member of the NeosCreative team to discover how our unique proposition can help you achieve real exhibition success.